From daTeechur's Desk: The Come-Up Edition

Plus...important SEL opportunity

Happy Friday, friends!

I hope this message finds you well. Last week, as you know, I was at the AMLE conference. It was so much fun. I still need to reach out to all the amazing people I met there. I got to see some good friends, some in person for the first time in years (or ever)!

Again, we played the Educational Matchmaker game at our booth, which is our take on the classic show “The Dating Game,” of course, with no dating involved. This was one of the ways that we got people to come to our booth.

Another way was to connect with attendees leading up to the conference on the Whova app. There were several discussion boards on a myriad of topics. One board was about how to become a presenter or something to that effect. I gave folks a Cliff’s Notes version and said that if they wanted to chat more, to come by the booth, and we would talk shop.

Do you know me personally? If so, I bet you know what happened when they did. I froze!

But thank goodness for social media! This, as you may know, is my sweet spot. I decided to share via TikTok an unabridged version of the early steps I took in my career to establish myself as a presente. Here they are below. I hope it’s helpful!

How I Started Presenting (A Series)

As I was saying on Facebook, I am really starting to see the fun and the value of TikTok. I’m hoping to create more content. If there’s a topic or question you’d like me to make a video about, please respond to this email!

Finally, two things…

1) Reminder! If you missed our sold-out Navigating AI Together: An EduMatch Exploration event, recordings from the event are being shared daily! Sign up here.

2) I am so proud of my friend Mandy Froehlich (mentioned in the intro) who just became certified to train on youth mental health first aid. This is incredibly important work, as we all know as educators. EduMatch is now offering this service to interested parties. If you are interested in becoming a certified Mental Health First Aider, please see below and contact [email protected].

 Alright folks, that does it for me. Thanks so much for reading!

Have a video to share or interested in being a guest blogger? Email me at [email protected].

Stay connected, stay curious, and let the sharing begin!



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