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Plus...AI Recordings

Happy Friday, friends!

I hope this message finds you well. Lots of excitement going on this week in my world. Hopefully, soon, I will be at liberty to talk about some of it. One thing that I can share is that I had the amazing experience of being able to create a YouTube Short for Google for Education. The topic is Generative AI and I had a blast recording it. I will share once they air it.

The name of the game this week for me is patience. I am a bundle of nerves when it comes to everything lol. But everything is going to be alright, and it will go the way it’s supposed to go.

Thank you for submitting questions for me to address on TikTok! I discovered that I love making these videos. Please see two of my latest Q&As below, one submitted by Eric on publishing and another one submitted by Casey about the Educational Matchmaker game I wrote about last week. I’d love to answer more questions. Please ask me anything you’re curious about!



Just write the daggone book!

Education Matchmaker Game


Educational Matchmaker game

Finally, if you missed our sold-out Navigating AI Together: An EduMatch Exploration event, recordings from the event can be found here.

 Alright folks, that does it for me. Thanks so much for reading!

Have a video to share or interested in being a guest blogger? Email me at [email protected].

Stay connected, stay curious, and let the sharing begin!



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