From daTeechur's Desk: The 'Stop Worrying' Edition

Plus...not too late to get into the AI summit!

Happy Friday, friends!

I hope this message finds you well. Last week, I teased the topic of this week’s edition with a cryptic line in the intro:

It was truly a weekend full of the “blue cars” in my life…more on that next week!

I haven’t written a new blog post since like 1962. Thanks to my new friend “AI-esha” (shoutout to my newly-minted friend Dr. Knikole Taylor for that one), we have co-written a post based on some randomness that I put on Facebook when I could not sleep.

I truly hope this helps anyone reading. Without further ado, I bring you “Counting Blue Cars.”

Counting Blue Cars (2023)

Wow, what a whirlwind of activity these past weeks have been! Besides the general chaos of back-to-school, being a toddler mom, and increased duties at work, as many of you may know, we've recently embarked on a new journey with EduMatch, making a significant pivot in our business model. We have started focusing on doing professional learning with schools and districts, in important topics such as SEL, Equity, and Artificial Intelligence.

I’ve placed many bets on this new direction, as I know firsthand the transformation I’ve experienced by knowing so many awesome folks, many of them now our facilitators. I want to bring this magic to schools and districts around the world. The ambitious side of me is all geared up to see sparks fly—like, yesterday! But experience teaches that big changes often involve intricate, behind-the-scenes work. These are the moments setting the stage for that transformative explosion we all eagerly anticipate. It was during this phase of nuanced, not-so-glamorous groundwork that I took to Facebook to share some reflections on happiness, perspective, and yes—the mental clutter we sometimes refer to as worry.

I recently stumbled upon a meditation session on Peloton by Kristin McGee on the topic of happiness that I absolutely want to revisit. The meditation guide prompted a perspective shift, encapsulated in a simple, yet powerful, analogy. I quoted it in a Facebook post, and I think it merits sharing again:

"There was a really good meditation I did a few days ago on Peloton that I want to do again about happiness. The person said that she told her son to ask how many blue cars he saw on the way to school. When she asked him, he said 20. She asked how many white cars and he said none, but she told him there were actually 11. She said to choose to focus on the blue cars (happiness). I like that. Again, life is more nuanced than that but it’s a good overall outlook."

You see, with all of the swirling thoughts that are constantly running through my mind (OMG she’s climbing! We need to baby-proof STAT!), I've been caught in the ever-expanding web of 'what-ifs' and sleepless nights. When you're launching something new or working through changes, it's only natural that the mind wanders into the realm of uncertainty.

However, my personal "blue cars"—those sources of joy that truly matter—keep me anchored. Among them is the infectious laughter of my daughter, who has nicknamed herself “Deux Dents”; the unwavering support of my family; and the electric energy that fuels my professional passions. Each morning that I'm able to exercise provides yet another "blue car," because as Peloton instructor Tunde often says, “movement is medicine.”

The idea of focusing on the "blue cars" in our lives resonates with an age-old wisdom laid out by Dale Carnegie, a man who has advised many to triumph over their everyday worries. His approach? Simple yet profound: visualize the worst-case scenario, identify steps to mitigate those challenges, and then, let go. By doing so, you declutter your mind, making space for joy and constructive action.

It's easier said than done, of course, but as someone who has been caught in the 'worry loop' more often than I'd like to admit, Carnegie's words serve as a pragmatic guide to navigate the labyrinth of uncertainties we all face. So while anxiety buzzes in the air like electric currents, Carnegie's steps help orient my focus towards actionable solutions rather than getting caught in a spiral of endless worries.

The world can be a busy, often overwhelming place, brimming with white, blue, and a myriad of other colored cars. The challenges we face, professionally or personally, can seem like incessant traffic in our mind, each demanding our attention. But in the grand scheme of things, it's those "blue cars" that deserve our focus. These are the joys that elevate our days, add meaning to our endeavors, and genuinely make life worth living.

As you wade through your own week, juggling various roles and responsibilities, I hope this reflection offers a moment of pause and perhaps, a newfound perspective. Whether you're working on a new project, contemplating a major life change, or simply pondering your day-to-day existence, I invite you to consider your own "blue cars."

What are they? Once identified, how can you cultivate a mental environment where they are the focus, and not just part of the background noise? As for me, every smile from Deux Dents, every encouraging word from my family, and every small win with EduMatch amplifies my focus on the "blue cars," steering me clear from the pitfall of unnecessary worries.

I encourage you to do the same—spot your "blue cars," celebrate them, and let them guide you to a life of less worry and more joy.

Warm regards and happy blue-car spotting!

“What the heck is AI and how do I use it?”
“I know my students are using it…what do I need to know?”

I’m so glad you asked, and we are here to help!

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Don't venture into this brave new world alone—bring a friend along for the ride! After all, learning is better when shared. Picture this: engaging in thoughtful discussions, attending back-to-back sessions led by some of the most inspiring educators in the field, and networking with like-minded individuals—all without leaving your home. Plus, when you bring a friend, you double the impact and the fun!

The EduMatch AI Exploration Conference is designed to ignite your passion for teaching and technology. Whether you're a teacher aiming to integrate AI into your classroom, an administrator exploring efficient systems, or a tech guru looking to stay ahead of the curve, there's something in this conference for everyone.

Time is ticking, and seats are filling up fast! Don't miss your chance to be part of this groundbreaking event. There's never been a better time to broaden your horizons, grow your network, and get pumped about the future of education.

So what are you waiting for? Register today and bring a friend to double the learning and double the fun. Let's explore the future together at the EduMatch AI Exploration Conference!

Alright folks, that does it for me. Thanks so much for reading!

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Stay connected, stay curious, and let the sharing begin!



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